World Association of Medical and Health Films

         Asociacion Mundial del Cine Médico y de la Salud

         Association Mondiale du Cinéma Médical et de Santé

            supported by the



       The WAMHF was founded in 1990 in Spain, on the occasion of the 6th International Medical and Health Film (Videomed) of





       - To promote medical and health audiovisual media (by helping, e.g. create new medical film festivals).

       - To promote the circulation and distribution of medical and health audiovisuel productions throughout the world.

       - To develop an approved index of all medical films so as to facilitate and stimulate exchanges among the producers of audiovisual

         health media.

       - To develop an international data bank of medical and health films, available to all the members of the Association from

         anywhere in the world.

       - To facilitate the cooperation among existing festivals by encouraging the organizers to compare their experiences.

       - To defend and harmonize copyright laws in the medical and health fields.




        At present the members are the Medical and Health Films Festvals from Belgium, France, Spain, Argentina & the United States;  

        Institutions active in the Medical and Health Domain; medicine doctors, film-makers and producers, etc.


        WAMHF Board

          President                      Andrès Bas, Videomed Badajoz, Spain

Vice President              Irma Attme de Ceballos, Consejo de Médicos de la Provincia de Córdoba, Argentina

Secretary General         Jaap Klein, Vinkeveen, The Netherlands

Treasurer                      Pierre Jamart, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège, Belgium

Members                      Alessandro Griffini, ENEA Rome, Italy

                                               David Cleverly, St George's Hospital Medical School London, United Kingdom



Back: Allesandro Griffini, David Cleverly, Jelle Loosman

  Front: Irma Attme de Ceballos, Andrès Bas, Jaap Klein, Pierre Jamart


        Membership: 50 Euro or 60 $ annually for personal membership, 250 Euro or 300 $ for Institutions.

        Information: WAMHF@ammonite.eu


        25th Unicaja Film Competition, Ronda, Spain; 10th - 15th November.


       Videomed Badajoz 2008 - Badajoz, Spain; 17th - 21th November.


       Medea Awards 2008 - Online Educa Berlin, Germany; 4 December.


       46th International festival Techfilm 2009, Prague, Czech Republic; 16th-20th March.


       Vedere la Scienza Milano 2009; 30th March - 5th April


       The 2009 FREDDIE Awards - International Health & Medical Media Award


       Videomed Cordoba, Argentina 2009;  1st - 4th October.    



       Links to WAMHF-Festivals


       Freddie Awards - United States: www.thefreddies.com


       Videomed Cordoba, Argentina: www.cmpc.org.ar/videodebate/default.asp


       Videomed Tucumán, Argentina: www.videomedtucuman.com.ar


       Videomed Badajoz, Spain: www.videomed.es 


       Videomed Chile: www.videomed.cl/novedades.html


       Festival Ciné-Vidéo-Psy de Lorquin, France: www.cnasm.prd.fr/festival/index.asp?Festival_annee=2004


       ImagéSanté de Liège: www.imagesante.org



        Links to WAMHF-members


        Asociación Espagñola de Cine Científico:  www.asecic.csic.es


        MIF Sciences: www.mif-sciences.net


        Centro de Cirugía de Minima Invasíon: www.ccmi.es


          Fundacíon Pedro Bórras Astorga: www.fundpborras.no.sapo.pt/html/frmevent.htm